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These dishes are staples of the menu. Cakes and specials change seasonally and subject to availability.

Main meals

All-day breakfast

A traditionally cooked breakfast: bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, baked beans, black pudding, hash browns, and mushrooms.

Includes a round of toast and tea or coffee.


Homemade soup of the day

Served with a bread roll and butter

Check the 'daily specials' board or ask at the till for the daily flavour


Welsh rarebit on toast

Served with garnished salad, coleslaw, and crisps



Served with a garnished salad, crisps, and coleslaw

Welsh cheddar cheese






Egg mayonnaise




Coronation chicken


Bacon, brie, and cranberry


Fish fingers


Baked potato with 1 filling

Served with salad.
Add fillings for £1 extra each.

Welsh cheddar cheese | egg mayonnaise | hummus | tuna | baked beans

1 filling


Extra filling


Bowl of chips

white potatoes


sweet potatoes


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