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A Welsh cake and mug of tea

About our café

Caffi Glyndŵr is named after the famous Welshman Owain Glyndŵr, who is said to have established his Welsh Parliament where Parliament House stands today. Nowadays, Parliament House is home to the Owain Glyndŵr Centre and the Glyndŵr Café, which was opened by Sarah Jones in 2023 in place of the previous eatery, Caffi Alys. ​


When opening the new café, Sarah's plan was to cook and serve simple, healthy, Welsh food in a cosy atmosphere. Today the café is a thriving community hub, supporting local producers and artists, and the Machynlleth community. Open every day from morning to afternoon, locals and tourists alike come down to relax, chat, learn, and eat!

About us -

Sarah and Arthur Jones

Sarah and Arthyr Jones, pillars of the community, have lived in Machynlleth all their lives. Arthyr worked with the Forestry Commission while Sarah came from a nursing background. They both have a love for feeding people, so they founded the Osprey Café in 2010 and ran it for seven years. Once Caffi Alys closed next-door to Glyndŵr Centre, Sarah and Arthyr jumped at the chance to set up their own café. They have been running Caffi Glyndŵr for a year now, and have been delighted to be able to provide a hub to nurture the community and teach tourists about the history and culture of their hometown.

About Machynlleth

Machynlleth town clock

Machynlleth - often called the "ancient capital of Wales" - is a small and beautiful market town located in the Dyfi Valley. This small town is full of history; the Wednesday market has been running since 1291, Charles I is said to have lodged at the Royal House in 1643, the town's famous clock was erected in 1874, and Laura Ashley set up her first shop here in 1961. And of course, who could forget Owain Glyndŵr, who was crowned Prince of Wales here in 1404!


Today Machynlleth is a home and holiday destination. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the annual Comedy Festival showcase cultural highlights while the Dyfi Biosphere offers the perfect natural environment to explore. And, of course, in the middle of it all there is a small cafe selling homemade cakes.

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